Youth climate warriors rise to the occasion

CLIENT: The Phoenix Conference
SERVICES: Branding | Logo Design

In Spring 2021, the Children’s Environmental Rights Initiative partnered with the David Suzuki Foundation, the International Institute for Child Rights and Development and others to host the first-ever virtual intergenerational consultation on the right of children and youth to a healthy environment for the North American region. Through The Only Animal’s “Artist Brigade” program, we were asked to help with the naming and branding of the Consultation.

Determined not to be the old, white male telling the younger generation what is cool and relevant, I connected with two youth designers, Maren Mealey and Jana Jandal Alrifai. Together, we set out to create a brand that was fresh, inclusive, and truly representative of the diverse voices that would be driving the conversation forward.

Moodboards and visual research.
Animated version of the logo displaying all sixteen variations.
Graphic as framing element used in promotional materials.

The result was an array of 16 modular logos that capture the essence of the consultation’s goals and aspirations. At the heart of the design is the phoenix, a symbol of hope and renewal that speaks to the resilience of today’s young activists. With each logo offering its own unique take on this powerful image, our branding captures the diversity and inclusivity that will be essential to tackling the existential challenge of the climate crisis head-on.