A brand for solving large scale, non-linear, complex problems

CLIENT: Stratos

The Stratos website’s landing screen.

Stratos is a management consultancy specializing in environmental, social and governance issues. With 20 years of operations and a 10-year old website, they approached us in need of a refresh, both visually and strategically to ensure that their brand presence was consistent with the quality of work that they do. Our process included an existing Brand Audit and Competitive Analysis, follow by a 2-day Brand Exploration workshop and Summary Report, all of which helped inform the design and direction of the new website.

To illustrate the diverse range of services and clients with whom Stratos works, we created a statement on the homepage of randomly generated action items, client types and issues.
Articles and case studies all filterable by service-type.

The design of the Stratos website is well-aligned with their services and focus on sustainability consulting. The website isuser-friendly and easy to navigate, with a clear menu that directs visitors to their various services, case studies, and thought leadership content. This reflects their commitment to helping clients navigate complex sustainability challenges and find practical solutions that work for their specific needs.